Paris Célibataires Séminaire «Single Life Workshop (SLW Paris)» will be taught by the founders, Barry & Lori Byrne, and their sons Brendon and Jeremy.  This workshop will focus on working in depth on your relationships (friendships, family, man/woman).  SLW is a ministry of Bethel Church, California (home of Jesus Culture).
Are you ready for relationship?  Beyond ready??
Are you ready to be real and vulnerable about addressing the issues that keep us from experiencing healthy and whole relationships both in and outside of the church?
The main focus of the workshop is building healthy relationships as a single person.  This workshop will give you hope and tools, whether you are single or preparing for marriage.  No matter what you have gone through in life: abuse, betrayal, abandonment… know that it is God’s desire to restore you in His perfect love so that you might live a fulfilled and balanced life in all areas: spiritually, emotionally and sexually.
The subjects that will be addressed are:
*Confront deep rooted issues that keep you from relationship. *Learn how to love yourself so you can allow others to love you too.  *Discuss how to pursue and engage the opposite sex in relationship. *Cultivate healthy boundaries and learn how to say “No”.  *Talk about sexuality.  *Have a good time while living in community and learning to trust others.
Paris Célibataires Séminaire “Single Life Workshop Paris” is about training singles in becoming healthy individuals and having healthy relationships.  A happy, fulfilled life in Him awaits you!
Paris Célibataires Séminaire « Single Life Workshop (SLW) Paris » is for all singles 18 + .
Price: 180€  (meals included)
Deposit  50 % at the time of registration *
Space is limited!!
April 18th – 21st, 2013
Thursday, April 18th :  19:30 – 22:3
(no meal Thursday night)
Friday, April 19th:  9:30 – 22:30

Saturday, April 20th:  9:30 – 22:00

Saturday, April 20th:  9:30 – 22:00
Sunday, April 21st:   9:30 – 18:00
(no meal Sunday evening)
L’Eglise Protestante Unie du Marais
17 rue Saint –Antoine
75004 Paris (Metro Bastille)

*After March 15th, the deposit will not be able to be reimbursed in case of cancellation.
Thank you for your understanding.

In collaboration with EPUdf du MaraisEPECC- Pastor Thierry André and Nesher Ministry.
The government of heaven is family!  Lori & Barry Byrne, married since 1979, have raised 4 sons, all of which are active in the ministry.
Barry is a licensed family therapist and has been practices for over 25 years.  He teaches in the Transformation Center at Bethel Church and and supervises the counselors of the Center.  Lori is the Community Life Pastor at Bethel Church and is a 4th generation pastor.  Her teachings often bring prophetic healing and deliverance.  It’s an honor for us to have the Byrne family come to Paris!
Célibataire+ “Single Life Workshop (SLW LYON)” - April 12th – 15th, 2013 with our friends Plus+

FOR COUPLES! Love After Marriage - LAM ALSACE - a workshop to boost your marriage with Lori & Barry Byrne:  April 22nd – 26th, 2013 – Guebwiller, Alsace. English contact: David & Angela Leigh.

3 Responses to Events

  1. CABINDA says:

    Merci de m’indiquer les informations utiles pour le Séminaire. En effet, je m’y suis inscrite et ai envoyé deux chèques de 90 Euros encaissés depuis et je voudrais recevoir confirmation et invitation en retour.
    Dans cette attente.
    CABINDA Geneviève

  2. Anne says:

    Is there a rate for the unemployed? Please take into consideration those who are unemployed and can’t afford to pay to attend.

    • Kelly says:

      Hello Anne,

      Please tell us about yourself? Do you live in Paris? If not, where do you live? Where are you from? Do you attend a church?

      We do have some private donations to assist people financially for this conference. Could you please write to me at so we could discuss your situation?


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