Bethel Video Conference with Debbie Roberts the 8th of November

Don’t miss it!  Next Thursday, November 8th, 2012  - 20:00 (Central Europ) / 19:00 (UK)  - 11:00 (California)

Live link with Bethel Church - click here:  global legacy : events/video conferences.

If this is your first time, to Participate you’ll need to create a profile and join the “French Group” - 3 steps:

  1. Connect to the website Global Legacy
  2. Create your personal profile: (For directions in French : gl_profile_FR)
  3. Go to contact us and send a choose “communauté française” under about:  and send a request – “please add me to the “French Group”

VOILA ! Now you are officially set up to receive notifications to connect to all future Bethel webconferences, watch the archives, easily connect with other Europeans in the group, be informed of Bethel ministries coming to your region and find out about future conferences and meetings.Anyone who speaks English or French can join in and connect to other leaders and ministries seeking to bring Kingdom Culture to their cities and nations, so tell your friends!

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One Response to Bethel Video Conference with Debbie Roberts the 8th of November

  1. Nous voulons vous faire connaitre notre ministere radio. Nous disposon d’une radio chretienne sur le web, radio le Bon berger.
    Nous sommes en ligne 24/7 pour repandre la parole de Dieu. Nous recevons des messages de plusieurs pasteurs que nous partageons avec nos auditeurs. C’est un plaisir de faire votre connaissance sur le web, demeurez benis.
    Gabin Conrad A
    President de la Feu, directeur general de la radio le Bon Berger.

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