Next Bethel web conference with Joaquin Evans – Thursday, February 13th at 19:30

Don’t miss the next Bethel video-conference, translated live from English to French!

Next live Bethel video-conference with Joaquin Evans, Pamela Spinosi & the French Bethel team

Thursday, February 13th at 19:30 (CET), 18:30 (UK), 11:30 (California)

Connect :

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Joaquin is the director of Activation Ministries at (BAM) he supervises a group of leaders who are world kingdom catalysts.  For 6 years he developed the Bethel healing rooms, where creative miracles were a common phenomenon. Joaquin travels frequently to equip churches and ministries in the supernatural. Joaquin lives with his wife Renée in Redding, California.

In 2009, the first video-conference with Joaquin Evans and Pamela Spinosi took place, they were catalysts for a movement, now almost 5 years later, connect to the live video-conference and receive a blessing for yourself, France and Europe.

Hope to “see” you there!

Your ParousiaParis Team

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Be blessed!

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