Past webconferences

You weren’t able to watch the webconferences live?  Or you would like to share what you saw with your friends?  Now you can watch them here!

Bethel Video-conference with Julia & Chad Dedmon – February 14th, 2013

In the beginning, meet Lori & Barry Byrne before their trip to France in April and Duisburg Germany in June!

video-conference with Pastors Eric & Candace Johnson – 10 janvier 2013

vidéo-conférence avec Debbie Roberts - Guérisons des coeurs à Rwanda! 8 novembre 2012

vidéo-conférence avec Richard Larcombe – l’évagélisation! – 11 octobre 2012

Video-conference with Kris Kildosher – Miracles in France! - May 23rd, 2012

webconference February 9th, 2012 with  Theresa Dedmon – The ARTS!

  • webconférence – October 18th, 2010 – Love after Marriage with Lori & Barry Byrne.
  • webconference – Treasure Hunts – December 17th, 2009 with Jason Chinn.
  • webconference – October 12th, 2009 with Joaquin Evans, director of the healing rooms at Bethel.

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